Dynacord Compact Mixing System CMS3

CMS 600-3,CMS 1000-3,CMS 1600-3,CMS 2200-3


CMS 600-3

This compact mixer appeals not only through its successful and high-quality design but above all through its ‚internal values‘—through what constitutes in this device category outstanding audio performance.

With its very lavish feature set and exemplary versatility it is the ideal choice for all professional applications in which few channels yet very high audio quality are required. These characteristics also commend the CMS for the field of fixed installation.


• Intuitively operated mixing section
• 2 editable digital effects devices with 100 presets each and 20 user memories each
• Professional 4 x IN / 4 x OUT digital interface (USB) for the connection of a PC or Mac
• Stereo equalizer in the master section • Large, contrast-rich OLED display Exclusively high-quality brand components have been
used; all faders and potentiometers are supplied by ALPS.

CMS 1000-3,CMS 1600-3,CMS 2200-3

By integrating a high-quality mixer, digital 24/48-bit
effects processors of studio quality, and now also a
professional digital interface to the PC and Mac, the
latest generation of CMS mixers represent the ideal
solution for a large number of demanding applications
in the professional audio sector.

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